Creative Power for Social Good

 CreateAthon@VCU is fueled by all of the amazing students, volunteers and mentors who delivering pro bono marketing and communications services to non-profits that otherwise would not be able to afford them.


Team Leaders

Team Leaders guide their team to create amazing work for their non-profit during the 24 hour event.


Student Volunteers

Student Volunteers are the minds and hands that creating and producing communication materials for our local non-profits.


CreateAthon@VCU’s success comes not only from the creative minds of its student volunteers, but also from the professional mentors that help guide them.

Team Leaders

Team Leaders must be enrolled in MASC 467 (Non-profit Project Management) during the spring semester. Each student is paired with and works directly with a non-profit, defining the communications problem to be solved.

  • This position is about creative leadership, problem-solving, and using your talents for social impact.
  • It requires commitment, passion, and drive.
  • Show off your leadership skills, your initiative, your entrepreneurial thinking and your unique vision that you can bring to CreateAthon@VCU

Team Volunteers

  • Volunteers are strategists, writers, art directors, designers, photographers, videographers, UX designers, app developers and more.
  • All volunteers agree to work for 24 hours divided into virtual sprints. 
  • Each Team Volunteer must share his or her skills with us via the online application.


  • Advertising and marketing professionals are at the event to mentor the teams. This gives students insight and experience from someone already in the industry.
  • Mentors get the opportunity to meet some of the most dedicated and passionate students who will soon enter the workforce.